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razor sharp

Show us your guns! (not your biceps swede)

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Savage makes a nice rifle. I can't even begin to count how many rabbits, squirrels, fox squirrels, and even deer that were taken on my grandparent's farm with my old Savage .22WMR


Oh, if that's "the look" you're doing ok man.


I don't know. I've seen that look on my buddy's ex wife's face. It meant be glad this ain't a chainsaw.

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The blind screw is tough to get threw the stock that attaches the stock to the adapter. It says put the screw through the right side.  :unsure:  That depends on what way your looking at it.  :glare:





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Great lookin mod Swede.  Did you test fire it yet? 

No its cold out there. Im pretty sure the scope is off after all the pounding trying to get that blind nut screw through the stock. Its a Leupold scope so maybe its still sighted in.

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