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Although I didn't have the chance to hike rim to rim at the Grand Canyon this trip, I did get to hike part of the Bright Angel Trail from the South Rim.




This is probably the most traveled trial at the Grand Canyon, which leads down to Indian Gardens and the Colorado River.  The views are stunning.




Starting down, you almost immediately encounter a number of switchbacks, taking you back and forth to sheer cliffs.




And more spectacular views.








Although it was cool on the rim, not far down the trail, the heat was surprisingly intense.  The shade was welcome.




The contrast between layers is amazing.  Here, the Coconino Sandstone sits directly on top of the Hermit Shale.



The Coconino Standstone layer was formed when the Grand Cayon area was covered with huge sand dunes, very much like the Sahara Desert is today.  The cliffs extend upwards hundreds of feet.




It most places, where these two layers come together is covered with debris.




Because of the fault that passes through this area, the standstone is about 150 feet lower on the east side of the trail than the west.




Here you can see only the Coconino Standstone layer.




This area is truely amazing to just take in.  It is even moreso when you do a little research and learn about the area.  For example, each step you take coming up the Bright Angel trail, you pass and average of 60,000 years of Earth's history.




This short hike went down the Bright Angel Trail to the Mile and a Half Rest house, going down about 1,300 feet in the process.  Now it's time to hike back out.

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still looks like a hell of a lifetime hike. I drool when I see those canyon cracks. id love to rope up and climb them. great pictures ofg. thank you for taking us with you


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Awesome pics, those colors never cease to amaze me.  I love the geological formations too.


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