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Anybody into cave exsploreing?

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You don't have any dangerous snakes or spiders either right? I don't like snakes, We have so many over here. I went hiking three weeks ago with my little brother and he got bitten on the boot. He laughed it off like it was nothing. Three inches higher and it would of been his leg.


No, the closet thing we have to being poisonous is a Katapo spider that live around sand dunes, if they bite you yah might get a slight rash :scared:    happy097.gif  no snakes, no creepy crawlies that are dangerous at all, the biggest problem sleeping out in the bush is keeping the possums from digging into the food bag.

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What's the white nose issue about? I'm thinking people are sniffing the bat poop? Lol


It is deadly for bats. There nose turns white and it ends up killing them. The disease is spread by people carrying it in on there gear from other caves they may have been exploring.

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