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Doc's Picture Palooza - Photo's speak volumes so I'll just shut the heck up!!!

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happy097.gif happy097.gif happy097.gif  that was great taken.



I was born without that pesky embarrassment gene.    :woot: :woot:



And my motto has always been, "Anything for kids"








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"Next to knowing how to dress well, fire is one of the most important bush skills there are, because it is one of the few means available to make up for most great deficiencies."  Mors Kochanski

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Took the new tiger den snowshoeing.  Awesome day.  It even started a heavy snow right before we got there so we were hiking in the snow.  Best hike ever!!  Saw a posum and the guys looked at tracks and hiked for an hour.  Then we went to the nature center and had hot cocoa and looked at all the cool stuff they have there.  They even fed the old fox snake for us.



Heading out the kids led the way LOL




They covered a lot of ground back and forth learning to walk.




Checkin out the posum (My possum phone pics didnt' turn out).




The kids were moving pretty quick in the snowshoes.  They were experts in 10 minutes. 




The whole gang (9 of the 13 made it out). 




My youngest doing the deer thing. 




Of course the highlight for the guys was watching them feed the Fox snake. 


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I forgot to pack my camera but my friend at the nature center brought hers and will email me a bunch of pics so hopefully we'll get more good ones up.





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~ is that a RAT?  :scared: scared011.gif  I wouldn't want to feed a superior pet to an inferior one!  :'(

Nope, it's a mouse.  The snake is a fox about 3 1/2 foot.  Not very big.


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We are going downhill skiing in IL with the troop on Feb 16th.  We may be doing cross country on the 1st at our winter event, but I haven't heard back from the guy running the district events yet.    Lots of fun winter activities. I LOVE winter.  I also Love Fall, Spring and Summer and all the little seasons in between. :woot: :woot:  LOL

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Been too busy to get many pictures lately, (Been spending more time enjoying the hikes than trying to photograph them). 



First off, head as clean as I can get it with my electric.  Not much of stretch for me, I normally use the 1/4 inch blade setting, but took it all the way down last night.  Keep up the good fight Sharen!  We are all in your corner!!






Went for a walk with my youngest, this was the same walk as the tree pic I posted earlier.  No big camera can be nice. My toofless buddy!




We were at the science center for a birthday part, had a lot of fun, my youngest boy making "bubble art" with my beautiful wife.




My oldest boy in his OA regalia.  My wife made the shirt and it turned out amazing! 




This is the OA cermonial bow, it was 1 of a matched pair one of the older fellows picked up many, many years ago.  I LOVE this bow!!




While the older boys were working on their Arrow of Light Ceremony, my youngest just had to jump in.  That kid is so much fun!




Oldest boy in the OA ceremonial regalia. 






My middle boy got lucky, when Jorge showed up (He is a member of the common road singers who do our pow wow's) he brings stuff from the reservations he travels to for sale.  He pulled this out and my boy was the first one to see it, instantly fell in love with it.  So we grabbed it.  It is VERY well done and far more usable than I would have guessed.  Now I'm jealous, I don't have anything that cool in my collection yet!.




One of my favorite classes is the native american cooking.  Very interesting, they made a "Maple Syrup Pie" which is kind of like a pecan pie that was quite probably the best pie i've ever had in my life! 




I really liked this shirt with the lightening, but it was sold at the you'th only auction.  Luckily, the one my son won was too big for him, so instead of my wife making me a shirt she made him one and he gave me the one he won which fits me perfectly.




When we were at the state archery finals, we ran through he building and hit the sites, one of which was a bb gun range.  The boy had some fun.



There is hope for the next generation after all.  I do watchdogs at the school (A volunteer program where dads go in for a day to be role models for the younger kids) 6 days a year and on one of them I was working in the preschool room and the kids were playing with dinasours.  I saw this and had to get a pic.  LOL




My oldest boy doing his sport, Dancing/singing in the show choir competition.  He was 1 of only 3 boys who did it.  They have a ball and he is getting quite good.  He is becoming quite popular with the ladies as well because he is such a sweet nice kid. 




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We did the adult prom fundraiser for the music boosters club.  I was a little leery at first, but DAMN We had a great time!!!



My wife was as stunning as ever.  I still don't know how a brutish ape like me could have ended up with the belle of the ball.  After 17 years she still takes my breath away when she walks into a room.  I truly am one lucky guy.




Me, Not so much.  (She would't let me wear my cowboy hat  :( )




I LOVE to dance (That does not mean I'm any good at it).  My wife only dances with me to medium songs and slow songs so I didn't get any pictures of her dancing (Someone else may have and I'll upload those later).  So you get to see me bustin moves (And my legs, ankles and furniture).

We did a "Soul Train" line and it was a blast.




This is Kevin, a friend who's wife Heather (In the silver dress) spearheads this even.  This guy can DANCE, (So can Heather).  I have a new goal to learn a bit more by next year so I can keep up.




I closed out the soul train with a terrible rendition of a cabbage patch (Since everyone else refused to do it) LOL




These are my good friends Monica and Crissy, they are the couple that adopted the 3 kids.  Great people, Love em to death.  Monica (in the red dress) never got to go to prom in school, so Crissy went all out without telling her (She was supposed to go alone because Crissy was supposed to work) and got a tux with some awesome shoes and brought her as a surprise, they had a great time.




These are the Oldhams, They are dentists in town, great people, great supporters of the school and community.  They bid the highest on the auction for the king/queen package (Hotel stay and casino package) so they got crowned king and queen. 




Kevin had to request AC/DC Big Balls as the final song of the evening, so I had to show him how to dance to it.  LOL




That's all the pics I had that came out.  Lighting is terrible for digital.  Man did we have a blast.  Also the 14th sign of the apocalypse, I won the mens dance off, AND I CAN'T DANCE to save my life. (And I was competently, 100% sober!) Just goes to show, you got to get out there and do it, even if you think you'll fail.  Words to live by.  :hugegrin:   (That and Kevin was a Judge cuz he would have taken it hands down!)

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Last weekend we did our Cub Scout KAB day at the Wapsi Park, We cleaned up the playground area and the 2 pavilions.



This was the group that came and helped.  Lots of good hard working young men.  We pulled 6 or 8, 5 gallon buckets of garbage out from just those 3 areas.  I tell you what, as you all know, not much else gets me angry, but looking down and seeing garbage tossed there by careless, or uncaring people will do it every time.  Cigarette buts are the bane of my existence.  I bet we picked up 2 1/2 gallons of cigarette butts.






Ahh, New life emerging, got to love it.




A nesting goose we ran accross on one of our hikes the previous weekend.




The boys exploring one of our favorite paths.




A friend of ours in the park.  We need to name him.  I'm thinking Harold.




I just liked this rock formation with the trees on it.








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How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?  :unsure:

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