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Doc's Picture Palooza - Photo's speak volumes so I'll just shut the heck up!!!

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Chuck lives on the other end of the park (but Chuck on that end of the park is actually chuckette)



This is a new fellow.  We've been watching him since early fall when he showed up on this trail (except while he was hibernating) but he was out a couple of times in the snow this spring.  I thought he might have been one of chuckette's brood from last year but I think he may be older.  I'm no expert on these guys, so I'm not sure.





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Had a great weekend, (Only fun, didn't get hardly any of the work I wanted to get done done. LOL).  My oldest boy worked his butt off (And that scrawny kid aint got no butt).  That kid can be one of the hardest workers I've ever seen, it's just a matter of finding things he likes to do.  (If it's outside, he's all for it, yard-work, mowing, gardening etc),  getting him to clean his room is a whole other ballgame. 



We did a little camping at the local lake.  Normally it's way too crowded for me on memorial day weekend, but we were invited out by some friends so we went out and it was quite pleasant, not as crowded as normal for the weekend.



The little guy set up his own tarp,  (With just a tad bit of help from dad to put the stakes in).  He  slept horizontally next to the pole so he could watch the stars.




The campfire the first night.  Just can't beat a campfire.




This is where kids belong, out in great outdoors, fishing, hiking, exploring the woods. 




There are fish in the lake.




The 7 year old out kayaking while the oldest fishes.  That kid is good in the kayak.




And just so you know I don't send my kid out on the water alone LOL  My wife paddling out in front of him. 




My wife had to run home to make a cake for our nieces graduation, I was working on breaking down her tent and the little guy got into his backpack and took EVERYTHING out.  He is walking across the open area, with his work gloves on, a compass around his neck, 2 flashlights in his pockets, a knife, and a pair of binoculars up to his face, kicking a soccer ball.  I was laughing so hard I could barely get a shot off.




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Teaching the Cubs some field expedient tarp covers (Look at the screwdriver LOL).  Who knew you could pack so many kids under one little tarp. LOL 






Also taught them how to make a gurney from 2 of the walking sticks they have and a bedsheet. 



These guys really LOVE doing this kind of stuff (Even more than the older boy scouts sometimes). 

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I love em too.  So simple and yet so useful and versatile.  I have a couple ideas for my next setup using some slightly longer poles than the ones I've been using the last couple of years.  The boys can't wait to go camping now. 

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Man its good to see a Cub Scout troop that active. There is very few troops around here anymore and the ones that are never do any camp outs seems. The camp outs were always reserved for the Boy Scout troops which I haven't seen in this area in a very long time. My son started off in the Cub Scouts and I was the Scout Master for the cub scout troop many years ago, but do to a work schedule that never allowed for free time and no additional help,  I was only able to keep up with it for a little over a year. I don't care what anyone says, the values and skills scouting instills are still just as important today as they were 40 years ago.

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One of the minor downsides of scouting is the addition of more and more rules every year.  We can camp because I've been through the BALOO training.  (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation)  You have to have 1 baloo trained leader in with you in order to camp.  If nobody goes through the training, your not allowed to camp.  We try to do 4 major camp-outs a year with the cubs (2 with the pack and 2 with the den) and then we do several camp excursions on our own when we have time.  I totally agree, it's so important to start them off right as cubs.  I love being a part of scouting at so many levels.  Cubs, Boy Scouts, District, Girl Scouts.  Each one has it's unique challenges and it's unique rewards.  But in the end, it's all the same.  My personal motto is "For the boys" and that's the most important part of the entire thing.  Giving these boys the opportunities and the experiences that will help them for the rest of their lives. 

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Went to the little guys first coach pitch baseball game Wednesday night.  This is in the same field with the small woods where the mamma deer with the twins spends a lot of their time.  We set up in a shady spot just behind the dugout area for our team.  As my oldest boy turned around after we'd been there for about 10 minutes he goes.  "OMG, Look its' a baby dear".    Just 12 feet behind us was a fawn (I'm guessing less than 24 hours old as it was still incredibly wobbly which we saw when it moved later).  For once I had the good camera when I needed it. LOL


















I posted the 2 videos to facebook, but i'm short on space for my photobucket account.



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Went for a hike yesterday.  As always, it's when I leave the camera at home when I find cool stuff.  LOL  Never fails. These pictures just don't do the scene justice.



Ran across this little gem of a mushroom growing all alone inside the hollow trunk of a tree. 







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Haa, Papa cast a spell just as I was about to pounce and snatch me up a smurf.    Some day I will prove their existence.



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First winter camp of the season.  Just managed to catch the first snow storm.  Planned to head out and catch my buddy at about 5:00 but of course that didn't work out, almost didn't make it up his hill the roads were getting bad so I rolled in at 7:00 and grabbed an armload of gear and hiked back about a 1/2 mile behind his place and set up camp.  Only thing I forgot was the bacon so I had to make a trip back.  Great time.  Took my middle boy with us. 





The boy had a great time hanging out with a couple of old soldiers. LOL  Hopefully we didn't scar him for life.




This was just after we finished setting up, My buddy got a good fire going while we set up.  We got about 2 to 3 inches before it stopped around midnight, then another 1 1/2 inches from 3 until 5:30. 




This was the site the net morning.  Couldn't ask for better winter weather.  There was a perfect little depression where I was sleeping, made a perfect "hip hole" for ground sleeping.  I was super comfortable.




My buddy a Former Marine/air force, body builder, all around fun guy.  Took this selfie with all of us.




My buddy took this one of me, about 1:30 just as we were going to bed.  You know your having a good time when you are about to fall asleep with a big ole smile on your face.  (I'm not in my sleeping bag, I slept on it.  It was 19 degrees out according to the weather and my watch, but between the fire and my clothing I was warm enough under just the blanket.  I woke up about 3:00 and pulled my boots off and stuck my feet in the bag (my old boots are getting tight on my ever enlarging feet). 




My buddy did an ad-hock C shaped shelter, ended up working amazingly well.




My boy passed out in his bag under the blue tarp, We just enjoyed an awesome night around the fire.  Of course, I threw an extra blanket over him after he fell asleep.  Just being a "Dad" LOL. 




Stick Dog Toby, LOL  You have never ever in your life seen a dog with as big a stick fetish Haa, That dog lives to chase sticks.




My buddy and Toby (He chases leaves too) LOL




The cows tried to eat his shelter in the morning after I got up.  Luckily I'm no cattle rustler or we'd have been eating some steak.  ;) ;D




There was no alcohol involved.  But EVERY selfie I try and take looks drunk LOL




I NEED that hill people pack he carries on his chest.  Freakin awesome.




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Weather wasn't bad enough to need shelter, it was more of a "Just in case" thing.    Unless the weather gets really ugly, I just prefer to be under the sky.  The angle is an optical illusion, my head was next the shelter but not under it.  (I'd have been a little bit further down but the location of the hip hole kept me right on the edge).  It was a very easy going no stress camp out.











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