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Doc's Picture Palooza - Photo's speak volumes so I'll just shut the heck up!!!

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What? No tarp shelters? I been waiting all weekend for the pics... Lol.... looks like you had a great time Doc.

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I got lazy LOL, I did set up a simple lean-to with overhang, but decided I preferred to just use my tarp on the ground like always.  My oldest son commandeered my other tarp to use for himself after that.

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Awesome shots man. I have to take the time to look through the photos here more often...but lately barely have time to eat and sleep...


Great seeing people getting the family outdoors! Looks like you guys have a blast. Glad to see you tried the two-stick. I like that the coal is formed off the ground, and that when you are lucky you get two coals instead of one.


Getting the light to cooperate on white blossoms is definitely not easy to do.

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I took that pic of the two stick after just breaking it in and starting to get the dust.  Then I put the camera away and took it over to the group (Yeah, nothing like a little performance anxiety Ha).  I swear it didn't take 15 seconds to get smoke and about 40 more seconds to have the coals visible.  (Wish I would have gotten a picture of the coals).  I like this method because I can just pick the whole thing up and "Dump" the coals into my tinder and go for broke. 



I got really lucky on the wood,  There was a tree down with some branches out and I made all the parts (Except the cup) out of a single fairly straight branch.  Not sure what kind of wood but it was good and hard.  (my dead tree identification is not up to snuff) Hardest part for me is finding the right kind of wood.  I usually end up with something too soft and have to work it like crazy. 



I tried the plow and failed miserably (I did get smoke but the log was too soft and I kept burying the plow). 



Whats really cool, is after Razor showed my boys what fatwood looked like,  My oldest boy (13) went out and found some,  I've never found fatwood LOL.  That kid was born to be an outdoorsman, he is 110% scout and is perfectly happy sleeping on the ground getting rained on.  And my little guy REFUSES to sleep in a tent, he HAS to sleep "uner da sars wif daddy". 




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~ What a beautiful family you have!  :thumbup:  And all that food was looking really good. Y'all sure do know how to eat in style out in the woods! That chicken stew DID look good!  :yes:  And it's really the best way to get all the nutrients out of a piece of meat. Nothing's lost, no fat, no flavor nothing. And that matters in survival. (not that you were surviving) but you know what I mean.  :hugegrin:  Looks like everybody had a lot of fun!

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We went to the drive in, and I setup a lean-to in case the rain came back (it didn't so we just has an great time.




I love the drive in, it's one of the few times Where I have several hours of forced downtime.  We usually get there at 5:00, (So we can get the center middle front spot which we have had EVERY time we've ever gone LOL).  and we set up and just relax for 4 or so hours.  The kids play in the big open area up front, and we play catch and Frisbee etc, The kids make friends with a bunch of other kids there and play.  It really is one of the best family entertainment things we do.  And it's relatively cheap,  we take in our own food and drink, and the cost to get in is $7.50 per adult and $4.50 per kid and we watch the double feature, BOTH first run moves that would cost $9 each at the movies plus can't take food and drinks in).  One of my favorite activities.




Then we did the archery merit badge (I teach it so I didn't get pics of the scouts, but some of the other parents did but I don't have their pictures yet.

After that, we just shot bows all night after the scouts left (We are members of bowhunters and can use the facility any time we want).  I wish more scouts could have stayed but it was a busy weekend for them.

My youngest has an awesome shot and I just had to get a couple pictures.







A video of my older boys just non-nonchalantly shooting, didn't' realize I was filming,  Watch my middle boy (on the left) and see where that arrow goes (Right in the killzone).    My little guy is improving too.  Still a little weak on the draw but that will come.




And the Barefoot archer rides again LOL,  Yep thats me,  (I have an ANCIENT compound (I shoot bare bow with it, no sights), its a compound that is just as tall and long as any other re-curve I've ever shot.  I love it.  (I didn't realize I do that pinky thing though, first time I've ever seen a picture of me shooting.  Never realized I do that.  ;) ;D ).




Here is where we set up on the campsite.  We all used tarps, no tents.  I set up a cute little lean too for Ben and I'm on the ground next to him, (I just use a pullover on the ground, quick simple and effective).  My older boys both did a diagonal with a single pole,  the older boy did his extended off the ground so the air could flow better (it was 95 that day).  the middle boy did the same design but flush to the ground because we were supposed to get a storm that night (I really was disappointed we didn't') (This was taken the next morning, I didn't get pictures before it got dark).





I have to say, this turned out to be the most beautiful campfires I've ever seen.  My boys built a log cabin base then did a TP over the base,  The flames just licked around the whole structure and it was just amazing.  The picture doesn't do it justice at all.




And the little guy passed out at around 12:30 LOL  We done tuckered him out.


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Say "ellloo" to my lille friend.  (in my best Al Pacino voice LOL).



Found this guy mowing the other day, I love Mantis, they are sooooo coool as far as bugs go.



I caught him, then I put him on some flowers to get some contrast shots but they didn't work well so I let him crawl on me and he went straight for the jugular (Ok, the head but it COULD have been the jugular). 



The last one is a short video, I just love to watch them move.



By the way, these pictures are crap,  I was doing everything one handed, and I had the auto-focus shot off which was a mistake in the heat (100 with heat index of 108) I kept losing focus and I had the fstop set way to short.  Just a cacophony of photographic errors.



































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By the way, some of the pictures are gigantic (I don't bother shrinking before I post), and not sure if everyone else's browser does this but chrome cuts the right hand side of the picture off, if the picture looks grossly off center, then right click it and choose "Open in new tab" and you'll get the full picture.



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i raised mantids one time. had a female and male (you can tell by how many segments the thorax has)  had a ten gallon aquarium and when they hatched i bet i had 1000 of them the first couple days...then 500...then 250...then50 by the time i decided to put them out in the yard i was down to about 20  :hugegrin: varatiouse little cannibals they are. they are my favorite bug though. i like the way they cock there head and look at you like your crazy when you talk to them.  :whistle:

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Thanks taken, I spend hours each day operating various mice and keyboards, delts are fantastic but the abs and gluts are shameful LOL


We raised one last year from an inch long until it was full grown, then it made an egg sack,  oops, didnt catch it a mate so of course, no hatchlings. :o


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~ It's that wide thing you're carrying your ax on silly.  cool14.gif

LOL ....that AAD thing kicking in again?

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LOL ....that AAD thing kicking in again?


~ No. That's just primal attraction kicking in right there. cool14.gif Wide muscled shoulders and a strong back = Good throwing skills = good hunting/fighting skills = safety and survival in the natural world. For women, who do not have anything close to that kind of upper body strength, it was important enough to get stamped onto our DNA ages and ages ago to not only notice that trait,  but to respond favorably to it.


So I did.  :yes: (I can't help it.) It's just basic female survival 101. Of course I realize that in today's harsh non-natural world, times are changing, and survival will take on a whole different set of characteristics. Maybe that's why some women notice what kind of designer clothes other people wear, what kind of car does he drive? How big is the ring that he bought you? They recognize symbols of money, because to many, money is survival. But that mind set just hasn't been around long enough to undo the other stuff. Not yet. When the daughters of Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters, and the likes of them have proliferated enough, maybe those women with minds that pay strict attention to trivial clothing detail, and who grew up Symbol-minded will be the only ones left who can financially afford to still be alive, and afford to reproduce and pass on their traits and those of their financially successful husbands into the future gene pool.  :whistle: 


However, there have been a lot of Gilded ages in History, and still....  our genetic code of primal attraction remains unchanged. So when social order breaks down, and when History is reborn time and time again, (like it is) some things remain important. So they are stamped onto our Double Helix for survival of the species. All I did was call attention to it.  :thumbsup:

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I'm back, got tons of pics to post, gonna do it on Monday as my office is 112 degrees right now becouse the dryer is going drying the nasty smelly camp cloths. LOL



Had a blast can't wait to post the pics.  Got a TON to catch up on.  Catch you all tomorrow.






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Finally managed to get some photos downloaded then uploaded to photo bucket.  These are all out of sequence so they are not following any specific order.



This was home sweet home.  I set up a little lean-to and mostly just stored gear under it.  It was just there in case it rained I could roll under it, but it never rained while I was sleeping so it was just a storage area.  The first night there I woke up about 3 AM and looked up and there was a racoon sitting 3 feet from my head, with a baby about 2 feet behind it hiding behind my chair.  I LOVED my little slice of heaven.  The tarp was laid just right so that the wind funneld down it without knocking it about, but the trees broke the rain so there was no push of rain under it.    it was also in the shade for all but about 2 hours at from 1 to 3 each day.




Most of our guys at a one of the campfires. 




Because of the burn ban, this was our campfire.  It was actually quite fun.  Kept cracking jokes about it.




One of the scouts was DIEING to use my big camera so I let him shoot a couple shots of me.  Of course he didn't tell me my hat was all pointy in the middle and looked so darn goofy. LOL




The kid in the red shirt is AJ,  He is 17, and stands 6 foot 8.  He is related to Andre the giant from WWF fame (His uncle Mike is 6' 10" 500 lbs).  GREAT kid,  I got to know him real well and he was just a wonderful young man.  I did tease him though, he said he is going to be a doctor, so of course I told him he should not be a proctologist. LOL  I haven't felt that short since I hung out with some of the Harlem Globe Trotters at a scouting event a number of years back.




Just a nice picture of some kind of plant seeding out I ran across.




My middle boy with his "Boat Club" tattoos.  Had to learn and tie some easy naval type knots to earn them.  Even my 5 year old on family night tied them and got the tats. :-)




My middle boy when he left for his "Wilderness Survival" meritbadge overnight.  They had to build shelters and spend the night in them.  That was the morning it rained at 3:30 till about 8:00.  He was the ONLY one in the class to stay dry (And he used the blue tarp as a roll up pillow, not as cover LOL).  I guess he HAS been paying attention to me over the years LOL.  The scout teaching wilderness survival told me later after I sat through one of his classes and helped out that he (the teacher) had a lot to learn after spending time with us.  I guess we do quite a bit of this type of thing ourselves  ;)




My Oldest son got elected by the troop into OA (Order of the Arrow), the honor society for boy scouts.  The boys in the troop vote on other boys based how they feel the boy has lived up to the scout oath and law.  It is quite an honor to be elected.  My oldest boy is 110% scout.  He is what you think of when you think "Boy Scout".  Just no other way to describe it. 




And the most surprising OA election was me.  (Complete shock and surprise to me).  Our troop has always had a policy that adults must serve 4 years as leaders before they are eligible to be elected to OA  (Only 2 other leaders in the last 10 years have been elected and only one of them was never a boy scout).  Apparently they have been so happy with my work with the boys, they unanimously dismissed the policy in order to elect me to OA.  I can't tell you what an honor that was, now I hope I can live up to it as it's an ongoing commitment to service to others. 




My middle boy with the rocket he built for space exploration.




And his rocket taking off (Cool shot just at liftoff).




Our campsite, Notice all the cots! (There is a stack of metal cots at each campsite that NEVER get used, the boys decided to give them a try).  Only 1 of our scouts (the only older scout with us) slept in the tents,  The 3 younger scouts slept in tents the first night and then outside all other nights except the last (Because we were expecting more rain).  The troop next to us saw our guys sleeping outside and bugged their leaders about doing it until they set up a rain fly for them. LOL  (I know one of their leaders (His name is the same as mine so I never forget it, LOL), and he was telling me how jealous they were that our guys slept outside the whole week and they only did it for the last couple days.




i just liked this picture of me, no particular reason.  I just looked happy as only a week in the outdoors can make me. 




We found a stick insect, they are pretty cool.







I just LOVED the way this picture of my oldest turned out.  Just another great picture.




Another of my little friends.  Just a cute little guy.




And of course I had to turn him into an ear ring. LOL




All in all it was a great camp-out.  Wish I never had to leave.  Perfect weather, great kids, just couldn't beat it.



Thanks for lookin ya'll.




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