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Doc's Picture Palooza - Photo's speak volumes so I'll just shut the heck up!!!

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Here are a few more.



My middle boy at one of his classes.




An early morning shot of the three new 1st year scouts.  Think we are starting them off right when even your first years sleep outside under the stars. :)




Oldest boy did Indian lore this year and this is the TP he was working with and learning about.




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I transferred most of the stuff from my day pack to my cargo pockets LOL.  Plus I kept throwing granola bars and apples in my pockets for the inevitable "I'm hungry" that comes out of a scouts mouth about every 4 1/2 minutes LOL.





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It was a great time, i feel so refreshed after a week in the outdoors.  The kids are awesome, I did roughly 65 miles of walking and feel soooooo good.  I would happily move out there and never return.


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Been heading to our local park the last couple of weeks with the boys and just haven't gotten around to uploading pics. 






Not sure what these are, havn't looked them up.  If anyone has an Idea I'd love to know.














There were several large fields of shrooms, I took a few pics and went back the next day and someone had crushed them all, every one on the trail, looked about a size 10 shoe from the prints that were on the mushrooms and in the dirt.  I was really disappointed someone would just destroy all them for no reason.




















And my lovely wife reading to the book club a couple weeks back.








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great pictures bro. loved them. you really need to tie a brick to zack, that boy is going to blow away in the wind one of these days.  :P













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The 7th picture from the bottom I just loved.  My littlest guy was getting mad because the rest of us were going "Sploring" too slow for him.  The pic is just soooooo funny the upset impatient look on his face.





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Another incredible camp out with the scouts.    I ran the "Signaling" station so I didn't get a lot of pics myself but I gave my other camera to the other adult and he took 270 pictures (Whoo HOOO) so I'll post some more pics later when I get those download.



I ran the signalling station (Seemed like a good fit, since signal was my designation in the army LOL).  I used to know semaphore (it was one of the backup classes along with Morris Code that we had to learn at AIT.  But I havn't done it in 25 years.  Basically, I gave a quick class on ancient times when Greece attacked Troy, and covered signalling methods such as runners, fire signals, mirrors, flags, drums, smoke signals etc, then, the boys had to send 3 messages.  First message using any method they want and they could use the cheat sheets (Morris code or semaphore).  Then the next 2 they had to come up with their own code (they could use any method, like flags, flashlights, sound etc) but they had to invent their own code.  It was a great station.  Really enjoyed running it.  But I didn't get to run around with my guys as they hit all the other stations.  I was lucky that I was in a location where I could get pictures of 2 of the other events.



First pick is one of the guys doing semaphore.  Biggest issue was reversing the image,  so the guys recieving would not get the "SEND HELP" message, they would get "SWNF WESP" or something.  LOL  It was great fun.




Then came the chariot races.  The guys were timed as groups, they had to take all the parts of the chariot, and build it correctly then race it down and around a pole.  It was so much fun to watch.






And a video of the guys running their chariot. They got a little hung up on the pole. LOL  (Click to watch video).




And on to our "Pièce de résistance".    LOL  The Trebuchet.  We had not planned on having one, we were going to build something once we got out there because we just couldn't get enough of the guys together to build one before the event.  Then the night before one of the scouts talked to his dad (Who is a carpenter) and they sat down and from 8 that night until 1 in the morning, they built this trebuchet.  NEVER even test fired it.  So we got out to camp and I was running my station but luckily our guys were the last ones to shoot before lunch so when I broke for lunch, I managed to get there just after their first test fire.  (It bounced off the ground).  I arrive in time for their 2nd test fire, and had them reverse the sling (So it was upside down and released toward the target) then it was just a matter of bending the release pin until it released at the right point in the arc. 



The first video is of their 2nd test shot. (The first I got to see).




The second video was the first one that worked. (Also discovered that the light soccer ball would bend once it started losing the initial velocity so no matter how you aimed it, it would curve left or right regardless).




And a better angle with the soccer ball flinging.  You can really see the curve it imparts.  If we had some leather strips, would could have wet them and put them in the basket so they would have imparted some underspin and it would have worked better but alas we had no leather and none of the scouts were willing to give up any skin for it.  LOL






And then after the event was all done, we went and grabbed a basket ball (Heavier) to test it with.  I only got one video of this on my phone and it was one of the poorer shots.  (Way too much arc).  They had a couple that landed on the other side of the building near the road (180 to 190 feet uphill). 




What we really needed was a bowling ball.  That thing could easily send a bowling ball 400 or more feet.  In fact we are going to demo the trebuchet at future scouting events with a bowling ball.  Make sure you park your cars a LONG way away. LOL



Another perfect weekend of scout camping.  Ate like kings as always.  (Our guys are turning into some pretty good campfire cooks). 



I am so lucky to be involved with these young men.  They are really great boys and they work so well together.  I have as much if not more fun than they guys do out there. LOL  Can't wait for the next camp out  Probably do something in mid November once we get some snow on the ground.





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It was a great camporee. Terrific weather for it.  I really had a good time.. thanks for posting the pics doc. I didnt get but a couple on my phone myself.

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I have 275 from my other camera that I loaned the other adult.  I'll comb through those and upload them.  I have no idea what he got pictures of, I haven't had a chance to go through them yet myself.



It was a perfect weekend.  The Sky Saturday night(Actually Sunday morning) from about 1 to 3 am was one of the clearest I've seen since Yakima.  Just gorgeous, Only saw about 8 meteors though.  It was not as meteoriphic (Hey, I invented a new word LOL) as they said it was going to be.

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It's worth every second. 



One of the things I love to do is have a special "Snack" for the guys once in a while.  At summer camp, I had sardines.  This camp out I had smoked oysters.



They may not remember what merit badge they worked on, or what activity they were working on, but they ALWAYS remember that time they had sardines, or when they ate oysters around the campfire.    Boys live for the 3 F's.  Food, Fire and Flinging objects.










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I have a Nikon D5000.  I got a HELL of a deal on the body with a 300 MM lens and a smaller lens thrown in for free.  The short lens is a good lens, it is a direct 35mm with some zoom.  Does great portrait work and shoots at the same frame size as 35mm film.  The 300 is a great zoom lens but it's long and heavy.  I bought my wife a AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR last year for her D80 Nikon and it is amazing.  I can shoot from macro all the way out to 300mm with it and it's shorter than my 300 and has much better glass.    I'm going to pick up the newest model of that lens for my own camera next year.   

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By the way, these pictures are crap,  The lighting was terrible and I was shooting quick shots using auto between events at the FULL extent of the 300mm.   



Lighting is still the hardest thing for me to get right.





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Not necessarily  The lens is the thing,  the better the lens, the better the picture.  What you get with the bigger better cameras is more granular control over features, more options, more on-board controls etc, built in pre edit controls etc.  I havn't even touched 80% of the controls on my D5000, still working in the 3 primary manual modes trying to get it right.    Sometimes there are some jumps in technology that do give better results.  So there may be higher CMOS values or larger sensors etc. (this is what you get from the professional level cameras like the D80 and above.  My D5000 is a "Prosumer model" half way between a consumer and professional camera)  For standard photography  once you break the 8 or 10 MP mark you'll not see much in the 5x7 picture size or maybe even the 8x10 (Although that is hotly debated), it's only when you start blowing things up that you start seeing any big differences.



My last digital camera before I got my wife the D80 was a Kodak at something like 6.8 MP.  It was a great camera and we had some really good pictures from it.  But once we had that D80, even with the cheap zoom lens it came with.  The quality of pictures was astronomically better.  I will have to find the first picture I took with it in manual mode.  It was a fluke, taken from 300 feet away, but it was snowy and sunny and lighting was perfect.  That picture just blew my mind.  I did not think you could get that kind of clarity.  It was just mind boggling.  (I'll try to find it. I'm really proud of it even though it was just an accident).



Now I will have to tell you that I'm not a canon fan because of some issues I've dealt with with the canon company on several occasions, and also, I'm a research addict.  I spend hours and hours researching and comparing two products before I spend the money.  And after a hundred hours of scouring websites, reading comparisons, looking at blogs and doing some side by side comparisons of features, etc.  The Nikons just blew the equivalent canons out of the water at the same price ranges.  (However both companies are always fighting for first place so each new generation gets a little closer).   



If you can find a used D80 for under $400 and occasionally a new body for $700 or less, sometimes with one of the cheap 18-55 lenses with it.  Add the best lens you can afford and you'll have an amazing camera.  One of my favorite features of the D80 (even better than my D5000) is battery life.  That camera can take thousands and thousands of pictures on a single charge.  We have 2 batteries and I keep the spare charged in the bag and I bet we only swap it out every 2 months and we take about 1000 pics a month average and many more during big events like scout camp or at sporting events etc.   



Another reason I liked the Nikon was the control layout and my big hands.  The camera may be too big if you have small hands.  But for my hands the controls are laid out perfectly and fit me.  My wife likes the D80's feel and fit, but occasionally she has a hard time reaching the flash controls for example. 



Mist knows this stuff WAY better than I do.  I'm just an entry level shooter with a background in computers.  He has much more real world experience with the cameras.  I'm just trying to get by. LOL

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Yep.  I know I will never forget these great times and I hope they will cherish them for the rest of their lives.  I know I will.




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Here is my buddy.  Shooting his ZS3K (Zombie Shooter 3000).  It's a bullpup stock for a Ruger 10/22.    It was coted with the tan roughcoat.  IT's VERY light, like less than 6 lbs, and a blast to shoot.  It also has a laser and for the Zombies Facebook pages and webpages he has a "Microwave" emitter on it to fry zombie brains. (A pulsing laser light that runs down the barrel, pretty neat to look at.



Only problem is the front post is about an 1/8 inch thick and useless.  Needs to be filed down smaller and the rear squared dovetail needs some white paint.






And the smile tells it all




My boys shooting the ZS3K





My guys shooting the pistols.  (Got to work on those grips a little more LOL)





One of the luckiest pictures of my life.  I managed to get a shot off as my boy shot one of the tannerite targets.  (Like they use in Top Shot).    That was a blast, Literally LOL




And a couple videos of the tanerite.







We had sooo much fun.  Can't wait to do it again. 

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