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Doc's Picture Palooza - Photo's speak volumes so I'll just shut the heck up!!!

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It was decent.  The bullpup design is fun and great for close fun stuff, but the shorter sight radius coupled with the HUGE front post (I swear the thing must be an 1/8 inch LOL).  Shrink the front post a bit and it would be great.  The laser was not very good.  He's gonna change it out.  It fed well, but it can't take the 25 rounders, only the 10 rounders, but a slight modification to the grip could fix that.



It was amazingly light which was great, but the after-market stock is kind of chintzy and plasticy.  But considering the 10/22 components are pretty much integral, it didn't lesson the effectiveness.  (But i'd be afraid to drop it) 



Manual of arms is a little rough at first, but gets easier with practice.  The angle of the stock kind of throws off your instincts when your loading a mag. 



It would make a good CQB weapon if you wanted to be able to carry 4000 rounds of ammo on ya in the space/weight of about 200 rounds of 7.62  LOL. 



The "Microwave Emitter" was pretty cool too.  It cycles LED/Laser light down the barrel.  Pretty cool effect.



For what it's supposed to be (Zombie apocalypse Shooter), it was pretty cool.  Makes for some interesting ideas for novels and zombie type websites. 





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I prefer a tomahawk and a good katana.  Either of which will separate the spinal cord and drop a zombie like a dead fish. 



The premise of his weapon is two part.  First is the microwave emitter.  It sends out a pulse of microwaves that frys the zombies brain instantly.  (Unfortunately due to power constraints the "Beam" is fairly narrow, about 4 inches at 100 feet. 



Part 2 is a matter of resources.  Your surrounded by 5000 zombies, you have to pack out and you have a choice, a few hundred rounds of 5.56 or 7.62, or 5000 rounds of 22.  Each shot enters the zombies head and bounces around doing plenty of damage to take the zombie out.  Zero recoil, fastest follow up shots available.  Like a lazer gun. 



So just for the sake of argument. I'm going to keep that vial of "Zombie Plague" locked up very tight, or just carry it around in the trunk of my car rolling around.  Either should be safe.. Right? 



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well seeing how theres no such thing as zombies ill stick with my 223. but im sure my heavy barel ruger 1022 will work just fine when we are attacked by 5000 squirrles. lol

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Took my oldest boy for a little winter hike.  Got some nice pictures.



Lots of tracks, some turkey here.




Saw this old tree and it had a face, could just feel the old man of the woods lookin at me and smileing.  I loved it.




My boy just happy to be out in the woods as usual.




This lonely leaf just caught my attention.




The boy making a snow angel




Caught sight of this red bellied woodpecker. 




We trailed some really fresh deer sign.




Which led us to this.

_DSC0110_zps01eaf515.jpg  Got to within 80 feet or so before they noticed us.






And this is why they are called white tails LOL




Caught one starting a jump, they really are magnificent animals.










And a few more further up the trail.  Crawled up the edge of the hill to see these.  Shot from the belly. 




And of course what trip to the Iowa woods doesn't include fuzzy winter tree rats.




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It was a really good hike.  They always close off the back half of the park to vehicles when it's snowy and icy so I figured the traffic would be low.  Parked at the back end of the road where it was closed and walked back into the deserted part of the park.  It really paid off.



Zach did really good, normally taking him into the woods with his ADD is like dragging a running lawnmower behind you with a bunch of dry leafy branches tied to it, but he did sooooo great, I was very proud of him.  Silent the whole time.



I REALLY want to make or buy a good pair of winter mocassins, I have gotten so used to wearing mine around all the time, that I feel like I'm walking on clubs when I have boots on. 



The snow was extra crunchy with the hard cap on it, so stealth was tough, but we managed.





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Yep, but 80 feet is still pretty good walking on crunch top snow pack with two people. 





lol, zack is so light he could walk on water. give that boy a cheesberger already.  glad you guys had fun. im hoping to get out xmass morning. might head into matsels. take my phone camera with me  :P

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Cool,  I might head that way on Wednesday morning, I have the day off.  Haven't decided where I want to go yet though.

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Haa, Actually, I'm thinking of heading to a friends timber over by Marion, he mentioned he's see some fox that way and I was thinking of heading over there to try and catch them on camera. 

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Some hiking pics from a couple weeks ago, hard to believe that was January in Iowa. LOL






The old gray ghost, she seized up on me Friday and it's time to put her to pasture.  Lots of great miles, stories and tons of scouts and gear hauled in that old van.  Gonna miss her, but it's time for something 4x4 anyway.  ;)




This weekends hiking pics (This looks a little more January'ish in Iowa).






And whats a hike without some scat.  ;D




Some sledding pics.  We sled at the local courthouse, but the snow was to soft and the sleds didn't work so it didn't last long.








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