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I learned about this from my wife's grandfather.  We have used this for a number of years.  It works very well with a 5 gallon bucket or with a jug (this one holds 2-3 gallons) similar to the one in my pictures.


First, take the jug (or bucket) and put a small hole in the side, as close to the bottom as you can.  This is a plastic jug (it initially held cat litter), so I used the tip of my knife, but if you are using a 5 gallon bucket, a small drill bit will work better.  You want the hole on the side, so the water will come out laterally.  Start out with a hole that is too small, then make it larger if needed (obviously, you can't go the other way...).


Fill the container with water. The water will trickle out the hole.  Having the hole on the side of the container will allow you to direct the water where you want it.


Place the filled container next to the plant that needs a nice deep drink.  I put it in as close to the root base as possible.  The water will slowly drain out and soak the ground around the base of the plant.  Again, do not make the hole too big, or the water will come out too fast and run away over a larger area and not soak in as deeply.


This works well for those plants that are a ways away from the hose.  Yes, you can pull the hose out there, but then you have to stand there and soak the ground.  Using something like this allows you to fill the jug, set it in place and come back later, refill it and move it to the next stop.  This works very well for new plantings of small trees.


You could also dissolve fertilizer in the water and deliver it using this method.


This one takes about 15-20 minutes to drain.





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~ that's a really good idea! Thanks. I have some old five gallon buckets not in use, and I get real tired of winding the hose back up for one or two plants. More than once, I've turned the hose on low....  (and remembered quite a few hours later that it was still on watering that one plant.)  :blushing:

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I like it too. I've been toying with the idea of burying some 4" PVC pipes in my raised beds. Drilling some holes and adding a fill tube first.

I'm waiting to move and get into a more permanent spot before I go whole hog.

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