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Down the street from the the aquarium is Koki beach where according to the brochures it's a popular spot for colorful locals and tourists to have picnics. 






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In New Jersey when someone walks out onto the beach with a machete and a coconut, we give that person a LOT of space. Here, it draws a crowd.






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A lesson about cabs in St. Thomas.


There are licensed cab companies where the cab will have a sign on the roof, and the word taxi on the license plate. The drivers sometimes where a uniform most often not. They will have ID displayed in the cab. Licensed cab companies have insurance in case of an accident where as the hacks do not.




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i dont know why but anyone wearing crocks and weilding a machete scares the hell out of me...maby its just the crocks


This dude was bit out there. He got pissed because I took his picture but wouldn't pay for it. Yet another lesson about St. Thomas.

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