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When you take that route you cant remember what major rivers you cross.  :unsure:


~ do you know how many great rivers I cross?  cool14.gif  I drive over a thousand miles, all alone, with nothing but my thoughts, and my whole life to think about... believe me, I notice the rivers, I notice each city and town, I notice the way the country changes from the mountains of North Georgia and Tennessee and how it changes into gorgeous woods lining the highway, and then windy flat land as far as you can see. I get tired of gripping the steering wheel, I get tired of sitting in one place, I get tired of my GPS telling me to take the next exit and continue three hundred more miles, I get tired of thinking about my life and all of the things that have gone wrong, and how just once I want something to go right. I get tired of gas stations, and having nobody to talk to for hours and hours on end. I get tired of the same songs on the radio, but I never get tired of the beauty of the country I'm driving across. And never ever do I get tired of the people I am crossing those miles to be with.  :arigato:  On both ends of the journey. I can't have everybody I Love all in one place, so I cross.....  the Chattahoochee river, the Allatoona Lakes, the great Tennessee River, the Cumberland River, Clarks River, the Ohio River, the Missouri River, Rock River, Skunk River, and the mighty Mississippi to name a few.  :thumbup:



"Be aware of the danger as you cross the great waters

be careful of strangers that are new to your eyes,

beware of the people who look not straight at you,

the keeper of time is blind." Stevie Nicks


"What wouldn't I do... for the right guy?" Practical Magic

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There you go Swede, "Oh" is just about all there is to say. "Oh" is all I can say too. Good comeback Taken. I couldn't even remember to all the rivers names, the exact all the scenery you saw.  :woot:  :nono:  :)

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