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Camping skills of the camp construction

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After campsite selection is to build the camp. Especially has the certain scale field camp, the whole camp construction becomes more and more important, points the following steps:


Land leveling: will have chosen good tent area clean, clear the stones, dwarf shrubs, etc. Various kinds of not level off, a thorn with spikes,anything, rough places available soil or grass and other things fill and level up. If it is a piece of slope, only slope don't more than 10 degrees are generally can be used as a camp.


Site zoning: a complete camp part of one's job tent camping area, with the fire area, repast area, entertainment area, and water area (toilet), health areas. The first to carry out camping ground. Use fire area should be in downwind, the distance tent area should be on 10 ~ 15 meters, in case of Mars to burn the 4 person dome tents . Repast area should nearby with fire area, in order to cooking and cooking dinner. Activities and entertainment district should be repast area lee place, to prevent the activities of dust pollution content such as tableware, and distance tent area should be on 15 ~ 20 meters, in order to reduce the influence of the companion to early to bed. Health area should be in the camping downwind, and repast area, activity area to keep a certain distance. Water area should be in the streams and rivers separately on the fluctuation two sections, upper segment for the edible water area, lower segment of living water.


Construction tent camp site: such as several camping tents composition tent camp area, in the layout tents, should pay attention to: first, all the tents should be a front, namely tent door open to a direction, side by side arrangement. Second, the tent should be maintained between not less than 1 meter spacing, without the necessary circumstances try not system tent wind rope, lest cause people. There shall, when necessary, set up a warning line (channel), in the field bivouac may meet the threatening animals or bad attack, and, of course, the possibility is very small. Can be in the tent area with lime, tar, etc.excitant material around the tent area draw a circle, so can prevent snakes and other reptiles of the invasion. Or use electronic alarm system and other measures.

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