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hey all, need some advice!


i just purchased a Mec 600 Jr.


its for loading 12 ga shells,  the power bar is a 302 over 118.........it also has a # 28 powder bushing.




from what im reading.  this will load 1 1/8oz of shot, size BB to 7.5. however im mainly going to load light load    (reclaimed trap hulls) no. 4 through 6 for small game hunting(wabbits a squirrels)


what i cant figure out is what powder brand and type to use.


im totally new to reloading, and i would like to not mess this up!


advice plz!



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I use Hogden powders a lot. Hogdon Clays or Winchester Double AA loads (lite loads) The choice for 12 gauge AA duplicate handloads WST.

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