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Another February

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February is always a difficult month for me. I lost two good friends in February one in 1968 and then one in 2007

PFC Albert Martin B 1/5 Hue City RVN 20/02/1968

Capt. Todd Siebert 3/6 Al Anbar Iraq 16/02/2007

I read this story of Lt. Col. George Goodson's from time to time especially in February. This country can never forget these people.


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"Combat is a brutish,ingrorious,and a terrible waste.Combat leaves an indelible mark on those who are forced to endure it. The only redeeming factors were my comrads incredible bravery and their devotion to each other" E.B. Sledge USMC K 3/5



Lliving through another February and today holding my Grandson while he was having a problem with just about everything,reminds me of just how lucky I am. 

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