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Death Statistics 2012

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Sure just dont ask us to pay to come pick up your busted up ass.  :mad:


Im sure that most of those folks have insurance. Besides, they're usually in very good shape and seldom end up in the ER. (Darn it). I don't think they're taking any appreciable amount of money out of government healthcare spending. The taxpayers spend WAY more money taking care of indigent non-compliant patients with diseases of society such as diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism and drug abuse... especially tobacco use. Those folks (including their unborn babies) cost the government billions each year. And they cost insurance companies just as much. All of that expense trickles down to us. 75% of all health care costs are due to preventable diseases attributed to lifestyle choices. (The reason I know that statistic is because I jst got done scheduling a mandatory wellness appointment. They weigh us measure us and check our blood. If I don't participate they take out an additional $140 per month out of my check for insurance. So for everything that comes back within normal range, I get points that cut my insurance cost.

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