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Baking on a camping stove: The pot-within-pot method (Pic Heavy)

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I thought I would show a baking technique through some photos I took about 8 years ago that demonstrate how to use a regular camping stove.  The photos show me doing so with a Trangia kit, but this can be done with virtually any camping stove and even over a bed of coals from an open fire.


When canoe tripping my wife and I have used this technique to bake breads, muffins, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, cakes, even panzerotti. There's no need to buy a special-purpose Outback Oven or reflector oven for baking, and no need to settle for bannock when you're in the mood for fresh bread after a week in the bush. All you need is an ordinary camping stove and two differently-sized pots as shown in the photos below. My wife and I have been baking this way in the bush for years and years. So far we've only had good results; every bit as good as what one can make with an Outback Oven and better than with a typical reflector oven. You CAN have your cake and eat it too.


For those who are wondering where I got the aluminum pot shown in my photos, it's just the cheap large pot that comes in World Famous' camping mess kit. The one in the photos is one I've used since I was a boy.












And here are a few photos of some things we've baked using the pot-within-pot technique.











I will be uploading a video to my YouTube channel soon showing this baking technique.


Hope this helps,

- Martin

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looks great martyn!  :thumbsup: ive used my duel pots in my msr cookset with a couple rocks to bake with. great information, thanks for posting.

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Great stuff!!  We do a lot of dutch oven baking when car camping or at scout camps, but you don't want to pack in a dutch oven over any kind of distance.  This stuff is lighter weight and we have it all. 



Thanks for the ideas!





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