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I used to work in a bar and there was this guy who called himself Johnny Ford. He dressed like Clint Eastwood, had the squint and the voice and everything. No one ever saw him come in or leave. You would have your back to the bar, turn around there he would be.


Steak an' a whiskey he would say.


One night Johnny pushed a business card across the bar to me. Nothing was printed on the card except his name and the name of local town. I looked up to ask him about this but of course he was gone.


So if I’m ever in trouble, I’ll just hold up Johnny’s magic business card and say his name five times and he will appear in a cloud of diesel and lightning. And he will help me. Or just drink all my booze.

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well this is a true story that happened to my mom me and my sister :) well we went on one of those logging roads to this hill there was a old bulding there and abandend :scared: well all three of us ladies got out of the car and went to the bulding to peek through the window :whistle: another car drove up with a man in it and got out too as we were looking through the window we heard a loud crash inside 8| we told ourselves it was just a rat but we didn't belive it :nono: the other guy was kinda creepy too so we ran for our car :help: mom in her clugs too we have a lot of adventure stories to tell

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