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Just had to say what a great bunch of videos.  I don't tend to watch many videos, I'm more of a hands on picture by picture sort of guy, Videos just take too long for me to watch, (I think I'm a little un-diagnosed Adult ADD).  I tend to fast forward though much of them, and then end up missing bits and pieces.  The videos are great though even for me. 


But the reason for this post, my wife, who has never been on either Wild Survive or my other sites, was doing some searching for dehydrator camp food recipes and she starts yelling, "Come here, this is awesome, this video has everything, we are SOOOO doing some of these etc, etc".  I walk in and watch for a few seconds and I'm like, that woman looks REALLY familiar, oh wait that's PineMartyn's wife.  And she was like, "You know them?", and I'm like  Yep, Pretty awesome people with a lot to share.    So your a celebrity in our household now.  LOL     



Keep up the good work. 







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When I logged in this morning and saw the date of your post was April 1st, I braced myself for an April Fool's prank at my expense.  Imagine my surprise when I saw your generous remarks about our YouTube videos.  My cup runneth over, Doc.  Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out and for giving our channnel a shout-out, and thank you especially for relating that anecdote about your wife.  :hugegrin:


I just read your post out loud to my wife and she too was just tickled to hear that it made your wife want to give some of these simple and lightweight camping meals a try.  It's very gratifying to hear that.  We certainly plan on making more instructional videos on this subject, camping, and bushcraft.


Thanks Doc,

- Martin

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Ha, I didn't even think about it being April 1st when I posted. LOL   



My bro mentioned a couple of dehydrated items a while back too, but there were just sooooo many different things in the video, Applesauce?  Who'd of thought.  :woot: :woot:




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