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I have just recently finished up a 3 month online permaculture course. I have to say it was one of the best educational experiences in my life. Permaculture is a way to live sustainably through practical design. It's not about living like hippies (not that there is anything wrong with that) or ridding yourself of technology. It's about using nature to your advantage through some very clever yet simple design principles.


Quite a number of people on the course heard about it from the survival podcast. For those who are interested in more than just wilderness survival I strongly recommend you check it out. The following is a link for some videos that give you an introduction to the world of permaculture:


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How do you get into the course?


I can't figure it out... lol


The course costs money. But if you put in a username and an e-mail address on the right hand side you get access to a group of videos. They won't spam your e-mail but you will get e-mails notifying you of when the next course is on.



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