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Let's use this thread to post lists, pictures, suggestions, etc of what you carry on your day hikes.  For me, this is a work in progress and I am always looking at different stuff and ideas.


Here is my current day hike pack:


I use a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack for my day hikes, short outings, etc. I have enough in there to survive a week or two at least.  I keep this in my truck and grab it when we go someplace for the weekend or go any distance from home.


I use attachment points on the shoulder and waist straps for GPSr, camera, etc.

I have added a Molle attach canteen pouch with canteen and stainless steel cup along with another smaller pouch for quick access miscellaneous stuff (Cliff bars, G2 mix, main compass, folding knife, flashlight, etc).


backup compass, maps as needed

fire kit (matches, lighter, tinder, a second firesteel, magnifying glass)

Stanley cooking cup (loaded with tea, coffee, seasonings, etc)


snare wire, paracord

Mora Clipper fixed blade knife and 2-3 folders, Fiscars/Gerber sliding saw

water purification tablets

notebook, pens, pencils, Sharpies

Nalgene bottle

CRKT Eatin' Tool (no need to be uncivilized...)

headlight, small flash light, extra batteries


first aid kit

Heat Sheet two person blanket, foil emergency blankets

emergency whistle with another compass and matches inside

ZipLock bags, paper towels, probably more stuff as well.


I will use my hiking staff or hiking pole a lot of times.  If I am doing some serious hiking (rougher terrain, longer distance, etc), I will use my trekking poles.  I started using them the first time I hiked the Canyon and have a pair of Leki poles I picked up at the Amish dent & bent store for $27.


Might be good to start a thread or find one that is floating around here someplace.

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Guest smallgamehunter

I have a sog seal pup in the pouch on the sheath I have


Fire steel

Wet fire cube


Small fishing kit

15ft of paracord

I also carry a military issue canteen and canteen cup

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Mr.Hiker's Inventory List


- Rock water designs trekking poles

(Gifts that i Haven't used)

- 6ft walking stick


-8L hydration day pac for summer day hikes

- 10L school backpack for 1/2 day hikes

- X-lrg camping pack for weekend to week long trips



- a multi tool & folding knife for each pack

- I had my elk ridge that I took with me but have retired it for a skinning knife

- gerber Bear Grylls survival knife (was a gift)


- I also have a hatchet I usually take with me


In each pack I have a whistle and tarps, weather related clothing and water bottles. A small first aid an survival kit, a compass, crank style led flashlight, phone/camera, some type of twine or rope and para gord braclet.



- matches lighter and stick/striker


Always have my journal and mechanical pencil and my metal tea set!


I have other camping gear I throw in if I have room but that is usually it.


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On one of our hikes, we started out with 3.1 liters of water each in hydration packs. The day was hot and the elevation climbed steadily during the hike (planned for 10.2 miles).  There was water at the trailhead, however, it turns out there was no potable water on the trail (even though there were 3-4 campgrounds on the route.


About 5 miles into the hike, my hydration bladder was empty and we had about a mile to get the next campground. After passing a number of dry ditches that were supposed to be flowing, we were very happy to find a stream running along the edge of the campground.


We got out our Sawyer Mini Water Filter (http://sawyer.com/products/sawyer-mini-filter/) and set to work.  The kit includes a 16 ounce pouch, which attaches to the filter, a syringe to back flush the filter and drinking tube than can connect to the clean end of the filter.  We also had along a stainless steel cup which worked great for filling the pouch.  We set out filtering water. 


First, we would fill the pouch from the stream with the cup, then attach the filter to the pouch. Next, one of us would hold the bladder we were filling, the other would hold the filter and gently squeeze the pouch to push the water through the filter.  This worked very well and we refilled both 3.1 liter bladders in about an hour.  About every 4-5 fills of the pouch, we would back flush the filter using the syringe and clean water.


The water was cold and tasted great.  The filter worked perfectly (we were careful not to cross contaminate the filtered water with that from the stream (mainly drips on the pouch, cup, hands, etc)). It was very simple to use.  From reading other reviews, be careful not to squeeze the pouch too hard as it might break.  I will add a couple extra pouches to my kit, just to be sure.  The filter is also designed to attach to most plastic bottles and Platypus bladders as well.


We had no ill effects from the water (this was almost a week ago). Once we returned to camp, we did completely wash both bladders, the filter and parts, cup and everything else.


This filter is $20, weights 2 ounces and specifications say it will filter up to 100,000 gallons.  I would highly recommend this filter and will have mine along anytime I might need clean water.

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have you tried the life straw yet

Nope. I was looking at it when I found the Sawyer Mini. It can be used like the life straw, but has a much higher capacity, so I went with it..

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I got that very one for my bob/emergency bag. seams like a good deal for a back up water filter.  i still use my primary pump (2 liters per minute) when i backpack or pack in. thanks for the review on the sawyer, i have alot more faith in it now. (as i haven't had an opportunity to use it yet)

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