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For the last couple of years, I have been using a pair of mittens in the winter instead of gloves.  They are considerable warmer than gloves as all of your fingers are grouped together, creating a larger pocket of warm air.  This is especially helpful when running the snowblower when it is butt cold outside. 


I recently picked up a pair of Airforce N-4B Flyer's mittens from a military surplus store. These are AMAZING.  First of all, they are substantial - rugged and durable. They have leather palms with a wool "snot wiper" on the back of the hands.  I believe this is actually intended to add additional insulation (The blood to your hands flow out along the top of your hand to your fingers, then back along the palms. Many times, when your fingers get cold, it is because of heat loss from the back of your hands.) and give you something to warm your exposed cheeks, but I believe in multipurpose functionality.  They have plenty of character for the impromptu puppet show too.




Inside they have a removable inner mitten made of wool. This is warm and comfortable. Some of the others I looked at had a "glove" inner lining, which kind of defeated the additional warmth provide by mittens.  These are a size large, and even with my big hands, I could easily wear an additional pair of work gloves or thin cotton jersey gloves inside for additional insulation inside the air pocket or if I were doing something where I needed to slip them off and use my fingers.




They have an extended sleeve that reaches to just below my elbow.  This is large enough that even the thick sleeve of my Columbia winter coat will fit easily inside. This covers that area above your wrist that is usually exposed at the worst time to collect snow.  These are warm enough, I could wear a hoodie, wind vest and these when out hiking in the cold and still be plenty warm.




Across the back, there are three adjustable straps, one just above the wrist and two farther up the cuff, allowing you to adjust the fit to your liking.  There is also a loop (on the outside - bottom in this picture, just above the wrist strap) to attach a tether. Granted, you won't be running this through your jacket sleeves, but it is a nice option to keep them handy if you have pull one off for some close work.




Probably not the best accessory for a formal night on the town, but when you need to be outside doing something in the cold, these are then best mittens I have yet found.  Well worth the $26.06!


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I have two pair of the german artic mittons. I love them. They were 8.50 at the military surplus store. I use them a lot driving my forklift outside when the temps dip past the negatives.  I was thinking about picking up a pair of those ofg. Thanks for the post.

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