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5.11 Tactical Rush 24

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Just got in a new pack for my BOB/GHB/etc. I gave my Maxpedition Vulture II to my father since he didn't have a quality pack for a BOB. Thus, I was in need of a replacement...darn! haha.


It's a 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 in Flat Dark Earth color. Initial impressions are  :thumbsup: This pack is built VERY well. It has a great main compartment with a few zipper pouches inside and a bungeed pouch as well. The outer lower compartment has a ton of organizational pockets that have come in very handy, and the upper two compartments are excellent for quick access items (fire making materials, multi-tool, etc.


I forgot to order some MOLLE straps to attach my older Nalgene pouch to it, so it's hooked via carabiner to the grab handle on top until they arrive Friday.


I've attached an overall shot for you guys, but will do a full out review next week when I have time to breathe. Right now, I just had time to load it up and get back to work...story of my life lately haha.




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The Rush 24 seems more "workable". The fabric isn't as stiff. The Vulture II seemed a little more like canvas-type stiffness. However, the Maxpedition pack has a more robust bottom on the pack. The Rush 24 is just the standard pack material. I can see where this could potentially be an issue over time.


The zippers on the Rush 24 seem to work better. They both have YKK zippers, but for some reason the Vulture's weren't as smooth.


One thing I really like about the Rush 24 over the Vulture II is the rigid back on the pack. The hydration pack area has another compartment inside it that houses a sheet of semi-rigid polymer that helps make the back of the pack more rigid. It also helps keeps items from "poking" you in the back if they shift around in the pack. With the Vulture II, every now and then I would have an item start protruding and I would have to stop and readjust the pack to make it less annoying.


One negative to the Rush 24 is the lack of a waist belt, but it does have buckles where one can be added that is up to 1.5''. I am considering adding one.


The Rush's organization seems to be more well planned, in my opinion. In the main compartment you have 4 more areas that can be used to help separate items. For instance, I have a pair of heavy leather gloves that I may need, but don't want to dig for. I stored them in the top zipper pouch in the main compartment. If I don't use these pouches, they take up zero room. In the lower outer "Admin" compartment, the pouches/pockets fit my needs well. Again, there are ample places to store things and it's more accessible than my Vulture II was.


Overall, the Maxpedition Vulture II is probably more durable, but I haven't had a chance to run the Rush 24 through it's paces yet.


All-in-all, I think it'll serve me well. I found it on Amazon for $100 (the cost of the Rush 12 most places), when everyone else has it for $130ish. That savings allowed me to add some other things to it right off like food, snaplights, MOLLE ties.





NOTE: I bought my Vulture pack a few years ago and it was roughly $130. It's now running $160-$180. Also, it's a 3-day pack. It never really fit me the best. It felt cumbersome and bulky at times.


I think the Rush 24 is a much better fit for me. I try to be a minimalist when it comes to my BOB, so this pack gives me just enough space to have a little room to spare. With the Vulture, I had enough room for the kitchen sink LOL.


Pack contents:


- Change of clothes (LA Police Gear Tactical Operator pants, t-shirt, 2 pair boxers with one being dri-fit and one regular, two pair socks, hat, light weight water resistant top layer

- Leather gloves

- Sawyer Mini Water Filter


- (2) 2400 calorie Mainstay rations

- (4) "granola" protein bars

- Tooth brush

- Floss

- Paracord

- Fire Kit

- Gerber Multi-tool

- Cold Steel Leatherneck

- Emergency blanket

- 100 ounce hydration bladder

- Thigh rig for my G21, spare magazines, ammo. (My job has me in some bad locations at times. Should things go awry (riot, terror, unknown), I want to be prepared. As my dad says, also used as a new addition to my sig-line, "Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail"

- Flashlight

- Sharpie

- Pencil

- Eating utensil


Outside of pack:

- Maxpedition 10x4 water bottle holder with stainless Nalgene



Yet to come:

- Tarp

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