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Possible job change in my future...

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Well, my wife was a teacher until this summer. She was in a HORRIBLE school and just decided it was too much. So, we are now without insurance. The lovely Obamacare is a joke, to say the least. We went to get it and the system is still so screwed up that they couldn't verify either of us.


My wife has an art teaching degree, so her field is fairly limited. Though I have no degree (been self employed practically since high school), I've got a broader work base and life experience that gets me in the door. She's applied for two jobs while she is currently working a part-time job. If she doesn't get one of them, I'm most likely going to have to quit what I'm doing and get a real full-time job working for someone so we can get insurance with maternity coverage. It sucks, but it's probably what will have to happen.



Not really a question or anything in there, just rambling on. It sucks how life can change in the blink of an eye. I've had 2 businesses with my father for over 10 years. Our gov't has made things so difficult on the small business that it's hard for us to make a profit without price gouging our customers and that's just not who we are. So, we make a decent living, but it's by no means prosperous. We make enough to get by and save a little for our retirement. The real perk comes in that we don't have to punch a clock. But it looks like that may come to an end.


In looking for a potential job I've been scouring the web. I've found this:


In my area there are roughly 10,000 jobs available

Of those, there are approximately 1,120 full-time jobs

Of those, about 85-90% are nursing/healthcare jobs that require a specific degree


There's not a lot of options  :/


Wish us luck!

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Hey guys! Thanks for the well-wishes! My wife just got a job yesterday as a receptionist for a really good cardiology office. It's full time, monday - friday, 8-5! She's been working crazy hours and being treated not so great. This new job is such a blessing!!

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Guest smallgamehunter

I had a similar situation a couple months ago and lucked into a job here recently so just keep your head up

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