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Weather Radios

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I have a Midland HH54VP2, a Midland desktop at home, a Midland 75-822 CB with weather radio in my truck, an Eton FRX2 and an Eton Scorpion.

I pretty much use the HH54 the most. It gets the best reception of any of those (even the one in my truck with an external antenna). This one has a rechargeable battery pack and a desktop charging cradle. The it will easily go for a couple of months on a charge (turned off, not in "monitor" mode, which will need to be charged in a couple of days). It is small and rugged and I usually take it along when I am away from my truck.

I do use the 75-822 a lot, usually once or twice a day during my commute. It also includes a battery pack and a rubber antenna for portable use.

I do like the FRX2 and it gets some use. It holds a charge well and I like having the ability to use the solar or crank charger. As a charger for a cell phone or other USB device, I would not rely on that, as it takes a lot of cranking. It can also be charged through the USB port. The tuner is analog and includes AM and FM.

I really wanted to like the Scorpion, but it is a disappointment. It works, but you can only charge it with the solar panel, the crank or with an external AC adapter (not included), but not through the USB port, which seems stupid. It is also considerably bigger and more bulky than the FRX2 or the Midland portable. Reception is good, but the tuner (which is digital) and switches are rubber covered buttons, which are difficult to work. Flashlight is ok, but nothing stellar. I do like having AM/FM on this, but again, you fight with the rubber buttons to select band and station.




Midland HH54VP2 Portable Emergency Weather Radio with SAME (Black)

Current $36.82

  High $38.24

    Low $31.39


Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio

Current $76.29

  High $81.57

    Low $76.29


American Red Cross FRX2 Hand Turbine AM/FM Weather Radio with Smartpho...

Current $34.99

  High $39.00

    Low $30.99


I will put up some pictures later on.

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I keep an ETON Solarlink FR-360 Solar link radio in my emergency bag at work.  Great little radio with good reception.  I work in a bunker so I can't use it at my desk but I do take it out and set it in the hallway with the door propped open during bad weather.  Works like a charm. 





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OFG, do you get AM or FM bands on it as well or just weather radio?

Both of the Eton radios include AM and FM bands, the Midland is only weather band (now called "all hazards").

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Do you find that more useful than just looking at the forecast online?

Personally, yes, I do, as I can listen to the forecast while I am driving or any other time I want.  The broadcasets do not have the smiling meteorologist pointing to graphics of sunshine or rain clouds, but seems to get right to the facts.  I have also been able to get radio reception when away from internet or cell phone access.


The broadcast area for each frequency is limited, so you get a forecast for that specific area.  I like this when traveling as well as when I am home.


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