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Birds in 2015

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You probably have but haven't realized it. They look like gold finches in the winter.

I will have to take a closer look, greene.  Goldfinches seem to be more muted that the pictures I have seen of a pine siskin and the goldfinches seem to retain a little more of the yellow background color.



Saw a new one over the weekend at my parents farm - a bobolink, which are listed as being rare.  I was walking through the pasture and saw it, was able to put glass on it and watch for 5-10 minutes. Confirmed as well by watching and listening to it's song and comparing it to the recording in Merlin.  Pretty cool.


A little later on the same walk I was able to identify a pair of Harris's Sparrows.


That gets me to 49 for the year.

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Pine Siskins love bushes next to a house for nesting. Tiny birds. Eastern King Birds are back here now.I saw my first Indigo Bunting down in the timber the other day.We havent had any King Fishers at the pond this year. Ive only seen Bobolinks once and it was a small flock. I got a good picture around here some place in my old pc I think.


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Nice! I just got back from a birding trip on Stockton island.  We saw about 7 species of warblers including Blackburnian and a pair of Northern paruala

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