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Triad Tactical Stock Pouch

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I bought this pouch from Triad Tactical for 30 bucks this week and I am really impressed with it.  I am able to fit a small survival kit in the back as a just in case to take with me when I'm in the woods.  It also is fully adjustable to fit almost any gun stock.  I think this is going to be a great kit addition.







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have you tried drilling holes in the butt of the gun to store some cotton a flint stiker and some extra bullets les showed us on his labadore episode and think its a good idea

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Here is the current butt stock kit that I have made up.  I am hoping to test it out this summer sometime.  It contains water purification tablets, a whistle, tinder, a small water container (1L), a snus tin with medication (allergy meds, Imodium, and ibuprofen), a small knife, gorilla tape, an SOL heat sheet, a ferro rod, and some 50 lb test spider wire.  I also tossed on a Beachin' Tactical sling from Guy.  I think that accompanied with this in the woods a hunter would be very well off if they were to get lost. 



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