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I made an interactive Game of Thrones Map

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Hello friends! I want to let you guys know about an app I've been working on together with a friend. The app is called: Map for Game of Thrones and is available for iOS (Universal app) and Android.


Here is a screenshot of the app: http://i.imgur.com/H4NF5PC.png


Besides the interactive Game of Thrones Map we have two cool features available at launch: Characters Info and Episodes Recap.


We feel that Episode Recap is a really useful feature and we wanted to have it ready in time for launch.

Here is how it works: press the Episodes buton (it's the top one on the left). After selecting the season & episode, and pressing the Recap button, all the episode's scene locations will be highlighted on the map. By pressing Play you will be able to go through all the scenes of the selected episode. For each scene you will see its location on the map, the characters in that scene, a synopsis and even the full transcript of the scene.

We really strived to have the app ready for release in time for the new season, so at the moment you will be able to recap all episodes from Seasons 1 and 5. And Season 6, Episode 1 of course. :) We are working hard to deliver the rest of the episodes as quickly as we possibly can. And we have a LOT of fun features we plan to add - so please check the app again from time to time. You'll enjoy lots of really cool updates, I promise.


We have 2 versions of the app. Both are full featured. The free one has a top banner. The paid one costs 1$ - and it's ad-free. I've attached below promo codes for the PRO version so you can install it for free.


App Links:


iOS Free Version

iOS PRO Version - ($1)

Android Free Version

Android PRO Version - ($1)


Here are 10 Promo codes for the iOS PRO version:













And 10 promo codes for the Android PRO version:













If you enjoy our app, please leave us a review on the Appstore/Playstore. It really helps in the early stage of launching an app!

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Im not much for apps so Ill have to check it out Bravo. Glad to see you back here.  :arigato:

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I don't watch TV any more, but Iv'e kind of wanted to catch GOT, it looks interesting.  I'll check it out.








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Thanks! If you could rate the app in the Appstore/Playstore it would really help.


I'm happy to report that the app is doing really well. We have over 2000 installs. And over 150 people bought the pro version :)

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