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Lost and Scared but Your Phone Works.

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First if you have a signal call for help. If there are two or more phones in your group shut them off to save batteries. If you reach some one on the phone tell them where you started from. What direction you left the car or where you parked your car. Tell them to start an areal search and you will listen for a plane. The plane searchers should mark their position and time of day constantly. When you hear a plane call and tell them you heard a plane and give them the time you heard it. Now they know a closer position. The plane should start a search pattern from the new position. When you hear the plane again call and tell them the time you heard it. Now they have an even better location. They will move to that position and start a new search pattern. You may call them now and say we saw the plane and the time. Now they know where you are and a team should be on the way.  :thumbup:

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Keep in mind too, that sometimes a text message will go through when a cell call will not.


I use the "Find my Friends" app (with my two sons and wife) so we can find each other when we need to. This requires the phone to be on and to have cell coverage, but it gives a pretty good idea as to where they are. 


An iPhone also has a "Last Known Location" feature.

To enable this, go to Settings --> iCloud --> Find My iPhone --> Send Last Location - turn this slider to on. 

When the battery gets to a critically low level, the location of the phone will be sent to your iCloud account, where the information can then be retrieved and used as a starting point in the search if needed.

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