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Hey guys & gals! Hope you are all doing well. Those of you that have been around nearly a decade may remember me. I've come & gone a few times since then as life has been hectic off and on. Well, things have gotten to be pretty good lately and I thought I'd share what I'm doing with my parents and wife.


We recently bought 20 acres of forest and are currently in the process of turning part of it in to a farm/homestead for us to build 2 houses on and try to sustain ourselves by growing as much as we possibly can as well as raise chickens, rabbits, honey bees, and maybe some goats. Dad and I have started a YouTube channel following the build of the homestead, trying to document every step of the way. We will be doing 99% of the work to make this dream a reality. If you guys are interested in following along, check us out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/foresttofarm


We will be documenting the clearing of the land, build of our houses, establishment of the gardens, projects along the way, DIY/How-to's around the home/farm, and anything we think may be fun/entertaining for anyone watching. I will also be starting a bushcraft series once the houses are done. My wife of 4 years now is getting interested in it and wants me to teach her how to survive in the wild  moose0024.gif, so I will probably document some of my teaching her as well.


There will be tons of content as we get going. We work construction and business is BUSY right now, so it's difficult to post a video or two every week, but once we get rolling building our houses we will be wide open!


I hope you guys follow along and I hope we are entertaining & educational for you all. If you have any criticisms/suggestions, feel free to share here!




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