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Survival or Bushcraft a difference?

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my 2 cents..........


survival is making what you have and what you know last until, at some point, you are rescued. in wich case life carries on as normal for you, without the hardships of survival situation(memories last forever though)


bushcraft to me is making whatever you have last indefinetly, in any situation, being able to stay in your surroundings with no ill effects, and being able to make/gather anything needed for your survival.


in short, survival= being found....bushcraft=getting lost and staying that way.......both ways you survive.

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Guest smallgamehunter

in essence bushcraft is a big part of survival because when u get lost in the woods u make what u have last because u have no idea when u will be rescued


so wether it be long term or short term bushcraft is part of survival.


seems to me like a u say tomato i say tomatoe type thing

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Survival is the first step, Bushcraft is the next step. Procuring food is survival, preserving it is bushcraft. You procure food by killing a deer, thats survival, knowing how to perserve the meat so that it lasts for more than a couple of days is bushcraft. And you can apply this to just about anything you do in the wilderness.

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