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For those of you who wish to load pictures to a post, there are free photo hosting services to use:






Step by step you can download pictures for posts.


#1 - Go to the above link for imageshack.


#2 - The screen will look something like this:




#3 - Select the "Browse" button.


#4 - A pop up window will appear for you to select a picture that you have already saved to your own files.  Find the picture you want and highlight it, then hit open.

       This will paste your selection into the little box just to the left of the "Browse" button.  (IMPORTANT: Make sure your picture is of proper size before hosting.)


#5 - Now hit the "Host It" button on the imageshack screen.  (Depending on your loading time it may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes.)

       The "Host It" button will change to say "uploading..."    You will know when it is done when the imageshack screen changes to this one:




#6 - You will note that your picture as selected from your own files will appear in a little box just below four bars of new script.  It will be displayed just below the

       Browse button.


#7 - Just below the little picture you will want to "select the first line" of the bottom five lines of script.  (To do this click on the script line and it will be

       highlighted to blue.  "Right click your mouse arrow on the blue bar, hit copy."




#8 - Now go to the Wildsurvive screen where you want to add your picture.  Tap with your left mouse button where it will go.  Place your mouse arrow on the

       cursor.  Right click your mouse and then select paste.  This should place the line of text there.


#9 - Now, before posting, hit the preview button and you can see what you picture will look like.  Hit the post button if it is correct.

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