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Hello All From The Les Stroud Forum Its Me Firekid!

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Many were wondering if you were Cloaker. The name is almost identical.

Glad to have you here Stu.

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hello fire kid!!

well im glad you are here,,, i always enjoyed talking to you,, your one of the good ones,,, a good "youth"... im glad you stayed with the outdoor training,,

id be very pleased if you would catch me up on what you have been doing and learning,, perhaps, we all here could share this experience..


as for myself,, really nothing new,,,,kind of boreing really!!

im..............still working,, teaching ,, researching, scouting,, learning,, trying,, and developing,,, besides this,, im in the bush alot,, exploring some new places for "training"....working ideas and setting up a tracking program i developed for some "special" people....

im glad your hear my friend,,,

bow......... :arigato:

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