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Camouflage Or Yellow Clothing

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Mix of both. Camo in an urban area draws attention to itself. Earthtones are neutral. Mostly I go with what's comfortable. Hunting season bright orange.

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I would go with whatever is comfortable and appropriate for the conditions rather than the color. Layers if it's cooler and prefer pants or shorts with lots of pockets.

I have a camo Wild Survive shirt which I love (Thanks Swede!!) and some other camo stuff, but I use it more for warmth than to hide.  I have a wind proof camo vest that is great.  When ever I've been out, I usually see others well before they see me.


When hunting, or if I'm out someplace where there might be people hunting, I orange up.  I have a regular hunting vest, but I also have a spare I carry in my hunting vest in case someone needs one or I need to mark a downed animal. Tieing that in the branches of a tree makes finding the spot very easy.


I have a orange vest I carry in my pack when geocaching if I need it.

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I prefer to wear my old bdu pants when in the woods only cause they are extremely comfortable and usually some form of t shirt long or short in usually white black or brown sometimes green

i do carry a road march vest in my pack if the situation arrizes that I really need to be seen



Ho man, that is funny. :hugegrin:


Even in a survival situation, it might be prudent to wear camo or colors that blend in.  You just never know who's out there looking for a free ride by killing and taking gear, etc., from their victims.


this doesnt concern me to much as I was taught very early in life to never go into the wood without my field knife and my trusty 45

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