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Lockdown Alert for Schools

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You said you were "making light" of the fact that a terrorist would take the time to warn anyone of a bomb ...

Where's the humor?  So, yes you were joking around.  This was not the topic for it. 


It hit home for more than one member here tonight.  If a member here has the training to know what they are talking about, then yes they do have a rght to become upset when you return with more words of fire such as, "I don't care what he's been through."  That sounds like you don't care at all.


I see the care given to babies in a hospital.  I respect what you do.  I know what your job entails because as we speak, my grandaughter of 4 months lies in a hospital after heart surgery.  You cannot compare what you do with what happens after a major bomb blast that destroys so much life in an instance.  Have you personally experienced this kind of devastation?  Have you been out of the country to see first hand what has been lightly touched upon in this conversation?  It is not one, two, or even ten babies a day, it is total carnage, whole villages, whole communities.  Where's the "making light," or humor of a terrorist who would or would not warn before a bomb.  The issue was that of trying to protect children in mass numbers in a school, or any other environment of learning from mass murderers.



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Taken We are talking about terrorism and not war zones, if you want to talk about women and children lets talk about the basements in Yugoslavia were women and children were rounded up, many raped then petrel and grenades poured in! Or the million women and children killed by machete in the space of a week in Rwanda! Or how about the lords resistance army in northern Kenya, an army of kids going out and raiding villages, raping, pillaging and killing. Ok that's the extremes I know horrific things happen to kids behind there own closed doors by the hands of there own parents, if i had the power to intervene i bloody well would.


Part of my medic training was done in a pediatric ward and i have held many of those innocent bleeding children you talk about, i have also carried innocent children streaming blood to an ambulance after being ripped apart by a cowards bomb. your a nurse, you do a fantastic job, you know of the suffering that goes on out there but you joke about terrorist because they have a tittle but you didn't joke about the lone gunman that walked into your sister hospital did you. You joke about terrorist because you have no comprehension of the aftermath of there actions, you ridicule them because of the stupidity of them giving a bomb threat, they must be stupid telling people they have planted a bomb but after 9/11 they must have realised making bomb threats was ridiculous. All of this shows your ignorance. You dont joke about gun men going postal in your work place because its a real threat to your daily life, live with the real threat of terrorism for any length of time you wont be so quick to joke.


Ok now please can you pm me all the post from other threads where i have been quick to attack you, i wish to address each every one  of them on there own merits. I am not aware of any! i may have touched a nerve with my only post in the bird flu thread.

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~ I have read my own words. I don't hear myself saying anything disrespectful to the victims of terrorism, or to Adi.


I'm sorry the two of you took everything I said the wrong way. I don't think Adi had a right to get personal and speak down to my like he did. I don't care what he's been through, he has no right to talk to me like that.


All I hear him saying is that nobody on this website can have an opinion that might not agree with his without being labeled an antagonizer. I hear him say that alot, all over the forum.




I would also like for you to show me were i have passed judgement on someone that knows what they are talking about. I admit sometimes i make strong comments, are quick rip something apart, that is one of my failings, i have tried to address it. A prime example was when i ripped, i think it was, Daves thread about the Spot apart, i was to strong and critical of a piece of kit which in its intended role is actually an excellent bit of kit, i still feel bad about that.


I do not have anything against you Taken, in fact i am a big fan of yours i have a lot of admiration for some of the things you have achieved in the past.

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