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Road Trip Summer 2007

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Alrighty, I've been trying to plan this summers "field trip" while my class load is fairly light....sooooo I would love to have some input from everyone on what to see, do, etc. on our route. Any hiking trails in any of the parks, any good campground recommendations, any places to avoid?


We will be powering thru from DE straight to TN. We'll be staying the first night in Bristol, TN then somewhere in TN we'll be hoppin' on Interstate 40. From40 we want to stop off in:


Oklahoma City

Santa Fe

Grand Canyon

Las Vegas


Not sure of the driving route in CA, but there we'll be going to


Sequoia (?)

San Fransisco



We'll be catty-cornering Nevada and heading to S. Utah where we hope to go to:


Bryce Canyon




From here, Mapquest says the best way home is to follow I-70 to Wheeling, WV so... not really sure what to see or do once we are past Denver...


...any suggestions folks?


OK... here are the logistics... 2 women, 4 kids (7, 10, 10, 11), a conversion van and a pop-up.


Thanks in advance guys! 


~ jeji ~


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Jeji: Starfish:


Go on each state's Dept. of Fish and Game, Dept. of Natural Resources, or State Parks and Recreation.  Also look for major cities Chamber of Commerce.  Many of these will send you free books and maps by the tons.  Also check into Tourism on each location.  You'll spend weeks looking.

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You might want to stop in Tenn at one of their gem mines and pan for gem stones and gold.They got every gem known to man there. The biggest emerald mine in the world was just found a few years ago.

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Thanks Lost!  How have you been, I haven't seen ya in awhile?


I have actually been looking at this and that and such online quite a bit, and I guess I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed...there are just too many cool looking things to do and see.  I've even been using google earth to look at campsites...just to make sure there are no train tracks hiding around the corner! :woot: :grin: 


Swede, rocks are just my thing!  :grin:  I'll have to see what I can find out about places to go find "sparklies" :hugegrin: :hugegrin:

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