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Guest smallgamehunter

well the only menards i been to reminded me alot of walmart.


hadnt even heard of menards till my trip to northern illinois

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Hey hey long time no see. Sorry I havent been around lately Ive been busy with my new job installing security cams in the woman's showers.  :thumbup:


Ive got a new Twitter account. Man its a lot of fun. I was lookin at myself in a mirror and decided my weiner was so pritty I should share it with the whole world. Ive got a bunch of pictures of it on my Twitter account. I cant wait for the girls to flock in. There going to be hotter then than two cats fighting in a wool sock. There aint nothin that turns a woman faster then lookin at my weiner on the internet.   scared011.gif  


Its been a little slow gettin started though Ive only had one come back from some gal that calls her self Larry. It must be short for Lorraine.   :unsure:


Well I gotta get out of here faster then my shadow. Im late for my appointment with my parole officer. How did I know she was only 13 she didnt look a day younger then 15.  :/



See ya out in the fast lane.   :wave:





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